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Lesson notes

Eric Clapton has performed numerous covers over the years, but a select few stand out among the rest…Cocaine is one of them.

Originally written by country singer JJ Cale, but made famous by Clapton in 1977 on his album Slowhand, this song is built around a catchy power chord riff in E and then glides into a searing Clapton solo.

Relatively simple techniques are used in this song, but the real trick is to master the feel and groove that Clapton exhibits. One of his most underrated talents is his ability to phrase like a vocalist through his guitar. By learning his licks and the way he fingers certain blues patterns on the neck, you’ll get closer and closer to understanding and imitating his style.

Don’t let the simple power chords fool you, there is a lot more than meets the eye with this track, from the rhythm and groove to the vibrato and bending; with this lesson you’ll get all the tips and tricks to play this epic classic rock hit!