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Lesson notes

Originally written by JJ Cale, but made infamous by Eric Clapton on his self-titled album from 1970, After Midnight is one guitar-heavy song that will keep your fingers moving.

Up-tempo, rhythmic and funky, this Clapton tune has just about all the ingredients for a killer guitar cocktail.

From the syncopated double stops to the string bending licks, this lesson covers all the ground that made this one of my favorite guitar tunes when I was first starting out.

Heavily blues-based and using standard rock technique, this is a great song for a early-intermediate player to take their playing to the next level.

By relaxing your fretting hand and concentrating on barring your first finger you’ll be more than half way to conquering the riffs in this Clapton hit.

With just a few riffs to master and some tasty lead licks, this lesson is sure to get you on the track to blues-rock stardom!