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Lesson notes

American singer and entertainer Elvis Presley doesn’t need an introduction at all. He finally, and rightfully, makes his way into the Target Program.
Can’t Help Falling In Love is a love ballad and appears on the soundtrack of his 1961 movie ‘Blue Hawaii’. It has been covered by numerous artists ever since.

This lesson shows a fingerpicking arrangement in the key of C, somewhat copying the piano. It features almost all the chords in the key, including different inversions and a few chords out of the key. The finger picking pattern is very common, basic and relatively easy.

After Elvis’ comeback in 1968, he would almost always finish his live concerts with this song. It was arranged to serve as a grand finale and appears to be much faster and highly energetic. It includes a keychange at the end of the bridge which carries over into the final verse and outro. It’s this part that we take a look at as well. A segment of how to play it in the key of G is also included.