Lesson Plan


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Lesson notes

Saturday Night is a track from The Eagles’ 2nd studio album ‘Desperado’, released in 1973.

This is a perfect song for beginners to learn, since it consists of 9, out of 14, basic open chords in first position, along with the easy ¾ strumming. It should be reasonable for anyone to tackle.

The lesson takes a look at the chords, how to preferably finger them, the progression and the strumming. The latter should be done with both swing and straight feel.

It takes practice when learning anything new on the guitar, no matter the level of one’s playing. But in order to really make progress and get the results one is looking for, it is extremely important that it’s done the correct way. For that I’ve taken this lesson as an opportunity to show and teach how to do so, in particular when changing chords and when doing so in time.

It’s recommended to check out those segments. There is useful information in there for all level guitar players, since it’s applicable to anything one tries to do on the guitar.