Lesson Plan


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Lesson notes

The Heart Of The Matter is a song recorded by American singer and Eagles member Don Henley from his third solo studio album ‘The End Of The Innocence.’

This lesson is mostly based on the acoustic version that Henley performed with The Eagles at their reunion concert ‘Hell Freezes Over.'

It covers the rhythm guitar part, primarily done by Glen Frey, as well as Don Felder’s travis style picking arrangement.

I decided to teach his part in standard tuning, but there is a segment added which shows the chord shapes in Dropped D tuning, as Felder plays it.

Since Henley has taken the key of the song down a whole step in later years, we also take a look at the key of C.

The rhythm guitar part can be easily played the same way as in the original key of D, but it shows another guitar part, which uses power chord shapes, as well.