Lesson Plan


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Lesson notes

In 1981 Dan Fogelberg’s album The Innocent Age was released, and included two of his big hits, Leader Of The Band and Same Old Lang Syne.

Nexus was the lead track from the album and a popular request for a lesson here at TG. It is played in Dropped D Tuning and starts with a slow, free-time intro, followed by some very fast fingerpicking. The lesson is mostly taken from live versions around 1997, the way Dan played it on a 12-string.

Part 4 goes over the verse to Nexus. The tab just shows the bass notes that need to be played while keeping the rapid fingerpicking going.

After each pair of verses Dan goes into a little interlude that is pretty much the same as the introduction except that it stays in time with the verse. Getting the timing right in the opening measure can be challenging as the best way to get the effect Dan gets with the 12-string is to strum down hard, six times in the measure, getting the feel for the quarter note triplets.