Lesson Plan


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Lesson notes

This series of videos aims to help you find your way around the fretboard, and be able to play melodies all over the neck.

Part I. Finding Notes Doug talks about a system for locating notes anywhere on the neck. By learning a few “guideposts” you can unlock the upper frets and find any note on any string.

Part II. Single-String Scale Patterns In this lesson, Doug demonstrates some basic concepts of scale construction and finding the notes of a scale. By limiting ourselves to a single string, we can learn the relationships between each step of the scale, and start to understand the structure of scales without having to learn complicated cross-string patterns.

Part III. Harmonizing in 3rds Being able to play harmonized scale patterns opens up a lot of possibilities for fingerstyle arranging, and helps you understand the fretboard. In this video, Doug builds on Parts I and II of this series to show you how to play harmonized scales anywhere on the fretboard.

Part IV. Scale Fragments.
This lesson builds on the earlier Fretboard Geometry lessons and explores major scale patterns on the guitar. We'll see a way to connect very simple patterns to play scales all over the fretboard, with an emphasis on being able to move vertically along the fretboard, in contrast to the usual approach of memorizing single-position scale patterns.