Lesson Plan


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Lesson notes

Counting Crows is an American rock band from Berkeley, California, formed in 1991.

Goodnight Elisabeth is taken from their 2nd album ‘Recovering The Satellites’, released in 1996.

The song features a four chord progression all the way through, and this lesson shows how to play it in both the key of G (capoed on the 2nd fret) and A, as done by the band.

It also teaches a way of playing the melodic intro, which their guitar player performs on an electric guitar.

This requires some accuracy and flatpicking skills from the right hand, and a few techniques such as slides, hammer-ons and pull-offs for the left hand.

Counting Crows performs the song in countless different ways. This includes the key (G or A), the tempo, the intro and especially the vocal melody. Anyone tackling the song is encouraged to find their own way.