Lesson Plan


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Lesson notes

Still, another beautiful ballad written by artist Lionel Richie, is a song by American soul band the Commodores and appears on their hit album ‘Midnight Magic’, released in 1979.

This lesson teaches an arrangement in the key of D, where the strings should be tuned down a ½ step, in order to play with the original recording.

It features four chords that are relatively easy, but using multiple shapes and fingerings.

The challenge is to incorporate melody notes as played on the piano, including a few fills which re-appear several times throughout the arrangement.

Anyone tackling this song should be comfortable fingerpicking in general and have the ability to shift from home position to shifted position back and forth.

It is encouraged, as often with this kind of arrangement, to randomly play through it. It is also crucial to pay close attention to how the notes sound and to make sure the right hand plays them with the right touch and sensitivity.