Lesson Plan


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Lesson notes

Jar Of Hearts is the debut single of American singer/songwriter Christina Perri and it appeared on her EP, the ‘Ocean Way Sessions’, as well as her first album, ‘Lovestrong’. It’s a beautiful yet fairly simple piano song in 4/4 time and in this lesson we take a look at how to play it on the guitar. The song is in the keys of Eb and Cm and by capoing the guitar at the third fret and putting it in the keys of C and Am, it is very doable, since most chords will be open. We will also get into some of the little melody lines, which you can hear in the piano playing, and how to incorporate them into the guitar accompaniment. There are a few tricky chord shapes in the bridge, but it is definitely a very worthwhile song to learn. There are also a few thoughts on the dynamics of the song, which are very important when performing any musical piece.