Lesson Plan


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Lesson notes

Here we have a lesson by Paul Dempsey... Well… actually there is a story here obviously, but the Song was originally By Cheap Trick...Yes Cheap Trick. We have a member here who is closely related to an Australian modern Rock Icon...He played in a band called Something for Kate, which I have thrown a couple of tunes out underneath for your perusal...he branched out on his own with a new album or two, and launched one this year...because I was a fan of his, and one of our members Harry and I talked about it, we thought we would throw a lesson together to just kind of open up some awareness of his new album "Everything is True"... To launch the album I found this video on you tube of him doing an acoustic cover of Cheap Trick at a local radio show, and as Neil and I are always chatting about the dearth of 80's tunes fit for playing guitar, this came up as a nice tie in...