Lesson Plan


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Lesson notes

Skeeter Davis was an American country/pop music singer-songwriter, and one of the first women to achieve major stardom in the country music field as a solo vocalist. 

She sang crossover pop music songs including 'The End Of The World' (1962), produced by Chet Atkins. It turned out to be very successful and became her signature song. It has been covered by many artists, for example Brenda Lee and The Carpenters. 

The arrangement is mostly done in the key of Bb, but modulates up by a half step to the key of B in the final partly spoken verse. 

This lesson shows how to play it with chordshapes in the key of G, where the guitar is capoed on the 3rd fret. From there it should be doable for most intermediate guitar players. 

That said, the final verse adds a whole new set of chords, all barre chords, since the key changes to Ab. This is probably the biggest challenge. Then again, one could always skip it, like in the Carpenters' version (Capo II).

The good news is that the fingerpicking could be played as a classic 6/8 pattern all the way through, therefor copying the piano on the original recording. 

The lesson very much foccusses on smooth transitions between chords, by teaching a few common techniques to do so. It is encouraged to not underestimate those.