Lesson Plan


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Lesson notes

I'd Love You To Want Me is a hit-single by American singer-songwriter Lobo. It was released in September 1972 as the 2nd single from his 2nd album 'Of A Simple Man'.

This song is very useful for beginners for a few reasons. For one, it uses 4 basic open chords in the key of G (Capo III), which appear in millions of other songs. A couple of little embellishments that Lobo throws in here and there are included.

The other is the relatively easy strumming. It's a very straightforward pattern, if you will, and has a great carry over to again many other songs. Of course it leaves room for variations. 

Since the lesson is intended for beginners, we break down every aspect in great detail. 

Even though the little solo is less of a priority, the lesson does cover that too. It should be doable for most guitar players.