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Lesson notes

I've Got Dreams To Remember is another beautiful ballad by singer-songwriter Otis Redding, which he wrote with his wife Zelma Redding and Joe Rock. It became a posthumous hit for him in 1968 and again in 1994.

The beauty of the song lies within its simplicity and of course Redding's vocals.

It features the three major chords in the key of A in first position, and one (barre) chord out of the key, which appears only once in the bridge. The latter is a little harder.

This song would be a great start for anyone who wants to get into fingerstyle playing.

It uses a very common pattern in 6/8, and you could play this with your fingers, with fingerpicks or even a single pick. When using fingerstyle you would also need to learn how to shift positions with the pickinghand. 

This lesson breaks all of this down in great depth, indeed a perfect song for beginners, or just another great one to have in your repertoire.