Lesson Plan


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Lesson notes

Baby I Love Your Way was one of a handful of tunes by Peter Frampton that ruled the airwaves and concert stages in the mid-1970s, especially when Frampton Comes Alive rode the top of the charts in 1976. The song owes a bit to Paul McCartney in that he borrowed voicings from Blackbird, then threw in a few jazzy chords leading into the chorus, finishing with a bit of an anthem feel in the chorus. Get out those lighters as the outro sojourns on…

This lesson looks at the way Frampton has played it live, acoustically over the years, basically strumming through the progression and varying the pattern a little. We use some barre chords out of the E family, as well as a moveable C family shape, and even bring in a 9th and a 13th chord (although there might be more accurate names… Cmj7/D?).