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Lesson notes

The blues are an essential piece to the puzzle that is electric guitar. The two have gone hand in hand since the inception of our instrument, and today it seems, the blues is just as relevant as ever. Whether you like folk, rock, jazz, country, heavy metal or any other genre, this series of lessons is designed to get you accustomed to playing licks that can be found all throughout various types of music. By uncovering the blues scale, the chords that correspond to it and the basic 12 bar blues progression you’ll take your playing to levels you never thought were possible, until now!

This set of lessons is over 90 minutes of instruction and covers: The 12-Bar Form and Progression, Easy Blues Chords & Various Voicings, The Blues Scale, Bending, Cool & Common Licks, and ends with classic licks from Chuck Berry, B.B. King and Eric Clapton.

The set also includes 6 backing tracks in various keys and rhythms.