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Lesson notes

Highwayman is a Jimmy Webb song that he first recorded in 1977 but Glen Campbell's 1979 version brought it to a bigger audience in 1979. A few years later Glen showed it to a quartet of his country buddies who named their band and album after the song and made it even bigger.

The song is played in the key of C Minor, by using a capo at the third fret and thinking in the key of A Minor. Glen's version was done with very fast alternate bass fingerpicking, making just the speed a challenge in itself. The lesson goes into Glen's intro in great detail with tab. Then goes over some basic fingerpicking patterns that can be applied randomly to accompany the vocal. There is also tab that includes many variations and embellishments the student could use in the song.

The lesson also includes a short look at how Mark Knopfler played it in a recording with Jimmy Webb.