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Lesson notes

The Beatles were starting to implode in January of 1969 while trying to put together an album like they did in their earlier days, not the big production and cutting edge recording techniques used since Sergeant Pepper. The 'Get Back' Sessions spiraled into arguments and disagreements, which help fuel George's creative streak, and led to a few new songs that saw the light of day on his 1970 album 'All Things Must Pass.' Wah-Wah was one of his responses to Paul's heavy handedness, and was the first song he recorded for his solo album.

The song opens up with George playing a riff based on an E7 chord, then Eric Clapton comes in with a matching one an octave lower, and embellished with a wah-wah pedal. This lesson goes over both player's riffs, as well as multiple ways of playing the accompanying chord progressions. There is also a close look at the melody George picks out in the bridge.