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Lesson notes

Poco was one of the pioneering bands of what was later labeled 'Country Rock', and never really had the success of some of its descendants (ever hear of The Eagles?). After two studio and one live album, founding member Jim Messina was replaced by Paul Cotton (ever hear of Loggins & Messina?), who brought the band some of his songs, including Bad Weather, which he had done with his band Illinois Speed Press. It continued to be one he played in concert frequently with Poco and in solo performances.

The song features some unusual key changes, even in each short section, great harmony (courtesy of Timothy B. Schmidt and Richie Furay), a pedal steel solo from Rusty Young (turned into a bluegrass-style solo for this lesson), and a simple but well composed acoustic solo from Richie Furay, also included in the lesson.

The original was recorded with the guitars tuned one half step down but this lesson is done at standard pitch. It covers the chord progressions, the arrangement, and even the intro, where Paul's melody and the chords are combined for a soloist to be able to include the harmony/bass part.