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Lesson notes

Kris Kristofferson had been a well recorded songwriter in the late 1960s and was rewarded with a contract for his own records in 1970. His first album Kristofferson did not do well upon first release but everything changed when Janis Joplin's version of Me And Bobby McGee hit the airwaves shortly agter her untimely death. The album was re-released as Me And Bobby McGee and his career took off.

The progression is a very basic I-IV-V country tune with a simple fingerpicking accompaniment in the key of A Major, then modulating up a step to B, which is not a guitar-friendly key.

This lesson goes over Kris' original version, Janis', which with more of a strumming accompaniment in the keys of G Major then A, and how Neil might play it with a Travis-picking approach.