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Lesson notes

('Til) I Kissed You, released in 1959, is a sing written by Don Everly of The Everly Brothers. 

It's the perfect beginners song since the arrangement features only three chords, the I, IV en vi. 

The absolute key of the original recording is F#. However, we take a look at how to play it with chord shapes in the key of G instead. This is how the brothers have done it as well, either with all six strings tuned down a half step or not. In another version they've played it with shapes in the key of C (Capo VI), which could be a good option too. 

We of course take a look at the strumming. This should be done at the speed of 8th's and with swing feel.

Even though the chords, strumming and progression are relatively easy, the timing for the middle eight could be tricky. In particular when to start and end it. For that we break it down thoroughly.