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Lesson notes

Once you have a solid understanding of all of these concepts, it’s time to put them to use. Whether you are trying to put chords to an already existing bass line, or are trying to understand and analyze an already written chord progression, there are several key steps you must take to get there. Being able to correctly identify bass notes as the root of the chords is essential to understanding good chord theory. In addition, being able to analyze a progression and find which scale or series of scales the chords come from will unlock the mystery behind why some chords work and others don’t.

·      Learning to listen to the bass line as a way of determining the chord that should be played

·      Understanding how the bass and chords for the overall harmonic structure of the song

·      Explanations on how to analyze a chord progression to understand which scales to play over it and how to effortlessly move within the key(s) of the song.

·      Analyses of famous chord progressions/songs that will help you understand and play them better and with more confidence