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Lesson notes

One important aspect to understanding theory is how to formulate chords and scales diatonically, or “within a key”. This means, for example, within the key of C major you have seven notes and upon each one of those notes you can build a chord using our standard 1-3-5 chord construction. All of these new chords will be diatonic to the key of C major, meaning they will all come from the simple C major scale (no sharps or flats). Learning to play and think diatonically is one of the most critical parts of understanding and applying theory to everyday playing.

·      Explanation of the term diatonic and how it applies to virtually all musical progressions.

·      Simplistic instructions on how to build diatonic chords from any major or minor scales

·      Examples of simple diatonic chords and how they relate back to the “parent key”

·      How to apply these principals to your songwriting or analysis of music