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Lesson notes

Til Kingdom Come is a hidden track by British band Coldplay, on their 3rd studio album 'X&Y' (2005). It was originally planned for American country star Johnny Cash to record it with lead singer Chris Martin, but Cash died before he was able to do so. 

The tuning for this song would be CACGBC, resulting in gorgeous sounding chords. Martin uses only one shape, a C-shape, all over the fretboard, sometimes with his thumb wrapped around the neck to fret the bassnotes when changing chords. 

The strumming is relatively easy, but fast, especially when they perform it live. 

There are also a few tricky syncopated chordchanges, which are pretty cool. If it throws off your timing, you could leave those out as well. 

The arrangement is somewhat straightforward, but each verse is still a little different here and there. There is even a one measure time signature change. 

All in all, not neccessarily an easy song after all. Then again, it's much fun to play and the tuning sounds really awesome.