Lesson Plan


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Lesson notes

Hazard is a hit single written and recorded by American singer-songwriter Richard Marx, released in 1992.

This lesson teaches how Richard plays it acoustically by himself, which is quite different from the album version. 

It shows the chords and progression in the key of Em, all its embellishments, and of course the palm muted strumming.

There is also a segment included which shows how to play it in Am. This key works really well on guitar as well, and probably fits female vocalists better. 

About the song: 'Hazard tells the story of a relationship of some kind between the narrator and a woman named Mary. Mary disappears in suspicious circumstances, and the narrator, shunned by many in the small village where he has lived since childhood, is immediately considered the main suspect. The narrator, however, maintains his innocence throughout the song, and the question of such is left open to the listener's interpretation.