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Lesson notes

In this lesson we’re going to learn the chord progression to the bossa nova song “Wave,” by brazilian guitarist, pianist, vocalist and songwriting legend Antonio Carlos Jobim. Jobim wrote the music and lyrics for “Wave” in 1967, but first recorded it that year as an instrumental tune for his album of the same name. In 1970, Jobim recorded a collaborative version of “Wave” with Frank Sinatra for Sinatra’s album, “Sinatra & Company.” “Wave” has since become a standard among jazz and bossa nova artists alike. In this lesson we’ll go over the form and harmony, starting with the root position voicings and then moving on to guide tone voicings, which include a little twist midway through the A sections. For prep material on this lesson, be sure to check out Bossa Nova Quick Tip Lessons #5-8, as well as Bossa Nova Rhythms No. 2-6.