Lesson Plan


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Lesson notes

In this lesson we’re going to learn the “Hey Joe,” changes, from Jimi Hendrix’s first hit single on his 1966 album “Are You Experienced,” and written by folk singer Billy Roberts. The “Hey Joe” chord progression is based on the reverse Circle of 5ths, progressing up in 5ths rather than down. The form is only 4 bars long, and repeats throught the tune. The harmony starts on C Major, then progresses to G Major, D Major, A Major, and E Major, with the first 4 chords spanning 2 beats each and the E Major spanning 8 beats. The song has a classic rock groove, and we’re going to learn 8 choruses of it, using a different bass and accompaniment part each time around. We’ll start with a sparse feel, gradually build up to a lot more motion, and then come back down at the end.