Lesson Plan


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Lesson notes

In this lesson we’re going to learn “Rental Love,” a 60’s ­style rock ballad from little ­bit­ of ­everything band Lake Street Dive on their newly released second album, “Bad Self Portraits.” Lake Street Dive writes pop tunes influenced by jazz, gospel, country and more; “Rental Love,” the last song on the album, written by bassist Bridget Kearny, is a dreamy cry of nostalgia that eventually builds up to a scream and seems to end almost before it begins. It’s a short form, 8 bars long, with no chorus or bridge. After a 4­-bar intro, the form repeats 4 times, and then the last two bars tag 3 times, for a total of 42 bars. We’ll learn an arrangement that combines the broken chord piano accompaniment with the acoustic bass part.