Lesson Plan


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Lesson notes

In this lesson we'll learn 5 exercises to help you become a better blues accompanist, focusing on three musical elements: rhythm, harmonic substitutions, and inversions. We'll go through five choruses of a C blues, starting with a single rhythmic pattern, one set of inversions and a basic harmonic progression. In the second chorus, we'll try out a new rhythm and some simple harmonic substitutions in bars 2 and 12. In chorus 3, we'll integrate the first two rhythms and add some ii-V-I progressions. In chorus 4 we'll try out a new rhythm, add more ii-V-I progressions, and introduce some chord inversions. Finally, in chorus 5, we'll integrate all 3 rhythms and make use of a wider variety of inversions. We'll also play each of the choruses in at least 3 keys.