Lesson Plan


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Lesson notes

True was written, recorded, and released as the title track of the album, True by Spandau Ballet in 1983. It was a huge hit – peaking in the top 5 in at least 6 different countries. In this lesson, we’ll talk about the 10 different triads used in the song. Several of them are played with added notes (7,9,11), so we’ll talk about how to do that. There are also a few chords that are played with a bass note other than the root – so we will cover slash chords As usual, we’ll first go through each part of the song with chords in root position – then follow that up by using the technique of finding the nearest inversion. In the song specific techniques section, there is a special discussion of m9 and Maj9 chords – plus I will give you rhythmic patterns to use to emulate the bass, drums, guitar, and piano parts – even though you will only be playing one keyboard…