Lesson Plan


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Lesson notes

Fields of Gold was written by Sting and released in 1993 on his album, Ten Summoner’s Tales. In this lesson, we’ll talk about the 5 different triads used in the song. One of them is played with an added 7, so I’ll talk show you how to do that. There are also two chords that are played with a bass note other than the root – so we will cover slash chords. The “sus2” chord is also a big part of this song. As usual, we’ll first go through each part of the song with chords in root position – then follow that up by using the technique of finding the nearest inversion. In the song specific techniques section, I’ll talk about how to create the rhythm for the song and I’ll show you how to play the melodies of the interludes while filling in chord tones with your right hand to make a fuller sound.