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Lesson notes

Paradise is a song by the band Coldplay. It was released in June of 2011 as a single and later that year on the album, Mylo Xyloto In this lesson, I’ll introduce the 7 different triads used in the song. Three of them are played with a bass note other than the root – so we will cover “slash chords As usual, we’ll first go through each part of the song with chords in root position – we will then follow that up by moving from chord to chord taking advantage of nearest inversions – I will also show the specific inversions that support the melody. In the song specific techniques section, I’ll show you how to add the melody and baseline to the INTRO, OUTRO, and INTERLUDES. And I’ll also share some thoughts on how to use dynamics to create the feeling of a band when all you have is yourself, a piano, and a voice