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Lesson notes

Crocodile Rock was written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin. It was recorded and released as a single in 1972. In 1973, it was released as a song on the “Don’t Shoot My I’m Only The Piano Player” album In this lesson, we’ll talk about the 8 different triads used in the song. In the chorus, there are 2 chords which are played with an added 7 – and one chord that is played with a bass-note different from the name note. As usual, we’ll first go through each part of the song with chords in root position – then follow that up by using the technique of finding the nearest inversion. In the song specific techniques section, I’ll take you through the song front to back – detailing the Intro, Outro, and many of the signature licks in the song. I’ll also talk about the 1-3-4-5 and 1-6-4-5 chord progressions that are used in the song.