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Bobby Kimball was the original lead singer of Toto. He started singing as a child, dabbling on vocals and piano in a musical household throughout his youth. During the 70’s Kimball performed as the vocalist in various New Orlean area bands, including the Levee Band, which later became LeRoux after Kimball left. In 1974 Bobby Kimball left Louisiana and moved to LA where he joined three members from the defunct band, Three Dog Night, to form a new band called S.S. Fools. They released one album on CBS Records, but then split up with a year and a half. After about six months, Kimball was asked by David Paich and Jeff Porcaro to join the five session musicians to form Toto. Bobby performed on the first four studio albums released by Toto in 1998. Jim had the pleasure of sitting down with Bobby and we are happy to share this exclusive interview with you.