Lesson Plan


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Lesson notes

People talk a lot about scales in the guitar world, and if you’re not privy to the info, then you’re missing out big time! Here is your chance to learn the construction of major and minor scales and how they relate to each other. You’ll also understand the different positions on the neck and how best to practice them…it’s a crash course in beginner theory, so get ready to dive into the deep end! The next key step to understanding music theory is knowing that along with every chord comes a scale that corresponds. This lesson on major and what’s called “natural” minor scales will take any early guitar player and turn them into a scale playing machine! By using C major and A minor scales that pair directly with the chords in the previous lesson, you’ll get a breakdown of how you can take any chord and, if you know your key signatures, create a scale around it. This ability frees you up to improvise and play over virtually any simplistic chord change. • Detailed explanation of the correlation of scales to chords • Numerous scale examples given in the keys of C major and A minor, many of which can be easily transposed • Description of the relation of major to minor keys and the notes that they share