Lesson Plan


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Lesson notes

There comes a time in every guitarist’s life when he/she wants to freely play what they hear in their head. This lesson is designed to give you the understanding and the freedom to begin this life-long process. In order to improvise comfortably, we have to not only understand the theory behind what we are playing, but more importantly, we have to hear the sounds before they happen. A fluent understanding of the fretboard and the ability to distinguish certain chords and sounds is a must-have tool for the intermediate player. By using a simple minor chord progression from Bm7 to C#m7 we can take a common template and learn to solo over it. This intro to improve will take you from a lack of understanding to a liberation of your musical ideas. • Detailed explanation of the thought process behind improvisation and learning to “think ahead” • Sample ideas and motifs in the key of Bm • Position changes, blues fingerings and a melodic approach to all the licks in this lesson offer a complete and well-rounded way of applying these concepts in a real-world playing situation.