Lesson Plan


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Lesson notes

A key component to learning and understanding polytonality in chords is the diminished chord, and the various harmonies it evokes. One of the only truly symmetrical scales, the diminished and diminished7 harmony in this lesson is technically very easy to learn. It lies very comfortably on the fretboard, but the challenge is learning how to incorporate them properly into your playing. These incredibly tense and dissonant chords are used all throughout music, and can be applied easily in metal, fusion, rock, jazz, blues and just about every other style. Used commonly as a substitute for dominant chords, diminished7 harmony is one of the largest pieces of the puzzle that is guitar theory. You’ll get a run down of how to build these chords and alter the minor7b5 chords you already know so that you can fall in and out of these symmetrical harmonies at will. • Detailed explanation of what diminished harmony entails (at the earliest and most basic levels) • Examples of G# diminished and diminished7 chords in various positions. • Corresponding scales and arpeggios that will outline these chords in a more linear and “lead guitar” oriented style • Sample lick that shows how to use this new-found harmony in a practical application