Lesson Plan


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Lesson notes

These lessons on the “alternate” forms of the natural minor scale will broaden your musical horizons. If you’re already comfortable with the major scale and the natural minor scale, just a few tweaks of either one will provide you with the ability to flow in and out of these two new, exotic sounding scales. By using fingering patterns, arpeggios, and intervallic relationships to show how these two relate back to your simple A natural minor scale, you’ll get a fuller understanding of the harmonic possibilities. In addition to licks that provide a technical challenge, you’ll learn how to apply these two new minor forms to your everyday playing, writing and improvising. • Detailed explanation of what these scales are and how they compare to each other. • Technically challenging licks that detail the uses of these scales in a practical live-music scenario. • Broader musical concepts such as learning to think about the same group of notes in multiple ways- melodic minor scale (either a major scale with a flat 3rd or minor scale with raised 6th and 7th) • Intervallic relationships between the notes and the leaps that can be played within the scale