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Lesson notes

Otherwise known as a Minor7b5, this type of chord is one that is found in nearly all types of popular guitar music. From blues to rock to jazz, these minor chords function in a lot of different ways. Being able to use half-diminished chords as a substitute for dominant and even other minor chords is an incredibly useful tool. If you want to truly learn how to explore the inner workings of music theory, then learning how one chord can function is several different environments and as several different chord qualities all at once, then mastering half-diminished chords is a must-have piece of your arsenal. In this lesson you’ll get a step-by-step guide on how to spell out, build and transpose these chords as well as get some awesome lick ideas that are built around a minor7b5 chord. • Details of how to build and construct these chords as well as how they relate to several other, more simplistic ones. • Various fingerings on different string combinations and in several different inversions in the key of D • A rhythmic and technically challenging lick that is designed to outline the multiple uses of a half-diminished chord.