Lesson Plan


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Lesson notes

A multi faceted approach to familiarizing yourself with various chord types and fingerings. Ranging from open chord scales to piano voicings, this is a grab bag of sorts for guitarists. By dealing with various “extended” chords that are commonly found in jazz, fusion, and R&B you will learn not only how to play them and correctly spell these chords out, but gather a fuller understanding of how they function amongst other chords. • Open Chord Scales, shown in E Major • Wide, piano-style closed finger voicings in E major and C minor (transposable) • Musical examples of these chords and fingerings being used in a practical chord progression • Dominant b9 and its inversions, A major (transposable) • Major 7#11, Dominant 13, and 6/9 chords and examples of various fingerings for each.