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Lesson notes

Hit Me With Your Best Shot is a chart topping single from Pat Benatar's 1980 album "Crimes of Passion". It's been played all over the radio, commercials, and sports arenas, so it's definitely one that you've heard at some point. This song is a rock anthem with a heavy four on the floor beat and a straight forward and repetitive power chord riff that changes every second time around with a variation. It's a great song for a beginner to get started into the rock guitar playing style. This is a song that's pretty easy to master and you'll only need a few techniques under your fingers, mostly palm muting and power chords. The hardest part is the solo, which still isn't too difficult but provides a decent challenge for beginners because you'll need to be able to play fluidly and use alternate picking to get through the fast licks. Learning these licks might be challenging at first, but once you get them mastered they'll open the door for more advanced rock guitar techniques and ideas.