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Lesson notes

Crazy Train is one of the most popular songs for guitarists to learn from Ozzy Osbourne's 1980 album "Blizzard of Ozz". This is a massive song with a lot of different parts to cover. When I was looking to go to college, I only wanted to go somewhere I could play music. I found out that Randy Rhoads had studied classical guitar in LA with his teacher Ron Purcell. I went and studied with the same teacher, which ties this song into the beginning of my classical guitar learning, so this song has a special place to me. The intro is actually a fairly simple beginner riff to learn, but as the song goes on it gets way harder to keep up with. You go from using a single string distorted low note melody to playing a more metal style with palm muted open strings and chord hits which gives the song more harmonic motion. The whole time there's interjected speed guitar licks that make this song really stand out because of their unique long phrases, shred style techniques, and unusual sounds that he pulled off with a clean execution that people weren't used to hearing. Playing these types of licks wasn't new, but the way he played and phrased them was pretty revolutionary. The solo uses a lot of tapping, so you'll have to be really comfortable with the technique to get this solo down right because the phrasing in it is not easy. He uses these really cool tapping patterns that can be used all over the neck, so this is a really good song to take licks from and use elsewhere in your playing. You'll need a very good grasp of technique and theory to get through this one!