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The Kids Aren't Alright is one of The Offspring's more popular songs off of their album "Americana" released in 1998. This song is unique because unlike most of Offspring's songs, this one isn't based around power chords. Instead it has a fourth string, palm muted 8th note rhythm that's interspersed with chord hits which creates a scale that plays over the droning note. This leads into some simple single string riffs in the lower register, interspersing the guitar part on top of the rhythm section. It builds into a palm muted power chord section that's pretty simple to learn and play. The solo in this song has some great melodic qualities that have a really smooth feeling, so it's important to let your notes ring out in a legato style. There's also a cool bending section where you bend octaves, a common rock technique to add tension, so this will give you some great fundamentals to practice.