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Lesson notes

Seek And Destroy is one of Metallica's best live songs, released on their album "Kill 'Em All" in 1983. I was a huge Metallica fan when I was a kid, so this is one that I learned pretty early in my guitar playing career. The opening riff is so raw and catchy with that iconic early 80's thrash metal element that got me hooked. The riffs are unlike your typical metal riff, instead starting with a jazz-like approach with arpeggiated chords and string skips that adds a unique quality. Metallica was a band that always evolved and changed and this song is a great example of their starting sound, which has some standard metal elements with palm muting and double stopped riffed. This song has some great signature minor pentatonic licks and leads too that are great to add to your library. The bridge has almost a double time feel that really gets into the thrashing and head banging elements of the song, which leads into the blazing solo that you'll need to have some experience to get through. Even though they're fairly standard pentatonic riffs, they're played so cleanly and quickly that you'll really need to practice them with a metronome to get it down clearly. It has a ton of techniques like bending, string skipping, slurs, vibrato, and all sorts of things that will really trip you up if they're not under your fingers already.