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Lesson notes

Whole Lotta Love is the intro track from Led Zeppelin's second album "Led Zeppelin II" released in 1969. This song a standard rock song in the sense that it uses the most stereotypical move in rock guitar where you play a chord on the downbeat and then three palm muted sixthteenthn notes following after, emulating a fast hihat rhythm. It all revolves around the pentatonic E minor scale, making it pretty easy for beginners to get started playing a rock classic. It's important to practice playing the palm muted open strings with both straight down picking and alternate picking, which is a really good habit to build and you won't have to unlearn any bad habits later. The solo however is very aggressive and in your face, also revolving around the E minor shape which keeps it relatively simple to play through. I think it's particularly interesting because it shifts around positions depending on the phrase, also making use of question and answer licks. He includes this extremely wide bend that can be very difficult to execute in tune and definitely takes a lot of practice to pull off correctly. It's really tricky to bend two and a half steps, release, then bend one and a half steps while keeping the pitch accurate.