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Kashmir is a unique song by Led Zeppelin from their 1975 album "Physical Graffiti". For starters, this song uses a different tuning than the standard. Strings 1, 2, and 6 are all tuned down a full step which gives you a standard open tuning of a Dsus4 chord. It's basically impossible to play this song without changing to this tuning due to the fingerings you need to do. This song's a really cool example of how you can open up your playing by using a different tuning than normal, which can give you all sorts of new ideas and inspiration. It can be tricky to visualize exactly what notes you're playing when you do this if you're used to playing in standard tuning, but with some mental practice you'll be able to transpose the notes in your head as you think about them. This song revolves around the idea of playing chord hits with a changing melody on the top notes of the chord. It's a very simplistic melody that just ascends and descends in the same chord, but also uses open strings and closed strings high up on the neck to change things up. Since Page was a session player before, he came across a lot of acoustic spanish guitar playing and would incorporate these classical techniques in his playing, which particularly stands out in the bridge, where he plays droning open strings and the descending high note melody.