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Lesson notes

Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix is one of the most well played songs in rock guitar history, released on "Axis: Bold As Love" in 1967. It's a great song with a wide dynamic range that mostly uses diatonic chords in E minor, but the way that the chords blend together creates a great foundation for an improvised free flowing guitar to play on top. Hendrix displays his versatility on this song by using a lot of lesser used techniques, like wrapping this thumb around the neck to play low notes while playing higher notes with his fingers. He also uses double and triple stops as a main idea in the song, which is atypical of most guitarists. His guitar parts in this song in particular are more harmonic and rhythmic geared as opposed to playing the melody, since there's so many chord changes. He had to outline most of these chords on the guitar because the band didn't have a keyboard player. This also gave him the challenge and ability to play the chords over his own solo, playing both the accompaniment and lead part at the same time with a unique sliding style, while using the upper note for melody. There's a lot to practice in this one, so lets get started!