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Sweet Child Of Mine is Guns N' Roses most famous song, reaching number one on the billboard charts after its debut on "Appetite for Destruction" in 1988. This song has a very iconic introduction that revolves around the E minor pentatonic box. There's a lot of octaves and string skipping in this one, so you'll need to play with a very relaxed right hand and be able to strum just as effectively with upstrokes as downstrokes. There's a lot of first and second position chords that are standard to this early hard rock genre, as well as some open chords. The solo in this song uses heavy vibrato bending and slurs, as well as shifting pentatonic shapes, so there's a lot to practice to get it down. Slash's phrases in particular revolves around three strings that playing ascending or descending licks before moving to the next position and phrase which lets you break it down into sections to practice and really get under your fingers.