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Lesson notes

Paradise City is a great Guns N' Roses song from their debut album "Appetite for Destruction" released in 1987. This song starts with an acoustic style opening with large open chords and arpeggios. The really cool thing about Slash's playing is that he plays a chord and breaks it up into arpeggios or double stops while letting the other notes of the chord ring out, which is really unique and a bit tricky to pull off. The solo is a perfect example of Slash's lead playing style and really accentuates how he started his phrasing with his first finger. Most guitarists phrase with their ringer finger as the the target, but Slash used his first finger which fit his style of playing nicely into the pentatonic shape you'll be using in this song. There's a lot of rock and roll style vibrato that relies on more wrist than finger action, as well as wide bends that bend and release repetitively to create a unique vocal style vibrato. There's also a blues influenced string skipping concept that Slash adapted for rock music, pulling form his influences. You really hear it in the bridge where he uses descending 16th note patterns that repeat in different positions on the neck. There's a lot to learn in this one, so get your chops ready and lets get started!