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Lesson notes

Sultans Of Swing is a massive song by Dire Straights from their self titled debut album released in 1978, although it didn't really get popular until its re-release the following year. This song has a ton of material to cover with the solos that I'll show you how to play. There's a lot of techniques to learn in this song that all revolve around finger style playing. Mark Knopfler didn't play with a pick but instead used his fingers so you'll have to get comfortable with the idea of playing with your fingers in a rock setting, as opposed to its typical acoustic usage. This also gave him a unique rhythmic style of playing chords because he doesn't use a pick. The licks throughout the song are all very standard Mark Knopfler style licks as well, incorporating a lot of string bending, grace notes, trills and even harmonics. There's a lot to learn here, so get your chops ready!